What is the CCPI?

The Ibagué Panoptic Cultural Complex is the set of buildings and public spaces where a "regional museum" comes to life, giving way to an exhibition area integrated with artistic/cultural training spaces and complementary areas that function as a whole, exalting the feeling Tolimense from social, cultural, artistic and economic aspects.


Develop senses and conversations around the territory of Tolima.

Promote training processes in civic culture.

Disseminate our heritage.

Consolidate spaces for social exchange, cultural and economic.

Historic context


The urban context of the CCPI is determined by the area of influence established in the special management and protection plan of the PEMP 2022 panopticon, which integrates residential, downtown areas and natural heritage in its vicinity. Calle 10 forms a cultural axis that extends to the music park through different cultural facilities and areas of interest, such as the EFAC, the Centennial Park, the Soledad Rengifo Library, the Artisans Square, the Plaza de BolĂ­var and its context. patrimonial and the Tolima Theater.