Schedules and Rates

During the gradual reopening process of the Panoptic Museum of Ibagué, the entry and activities carried out at the museum now have no cost.


Los recorridos guiados se hacen de lunes a sábado a las 02:15 p. m. y 04:15 p. m. y se realizan presencialmente haciendo el registro quince (15) minutos antes de cada recorrido en el acceso sur del edificio sobre la Cra 8.

Institutions and/or entities:

To schedule planned visits for educational institutions, public entities, foundations, organizations, or groups, send a request to the email Indicating the entity, number of visitors, and the date of the visit.

When making your request, you should keep in mind:

  1. It is important that you express specific requirements during the visit such as: mediation in a foreign language or sign language, emphasis on specific themes, and type of audience: children, the elderly, etc.
  2. The response time for requests is fifteen (15) business days for authorization and scheduling of the visit.
  3. The scheduled tours and activities within the museum must be related to the educational, cultural, artistic, historical, and patrimonial field.
  4. The maximum capacity for each visit is sixty (60) people.
  5. In case you are unable to attend the tour, it is necessary to communicate the cancellation, at least three (3) days in advance, to this same email address.

During the gradual reopening process of the Panoptic Museum of Ibagué, the entry and activities carried out at the museum have no cost.


  • The Panoptic Museum of Ibagué is making progress and is in the process of setting up and installing works, pieces, and museographic elements. For this reason, access and stay within the space is limited to schedules and mediation exercises that will be maintained until the total opening of the exhibition space.
  • Punctuality in attending tours is of vital importance.
  • You will be able to interact or have contact with the pieces and installations of the collection during the tour, as long as the mediator tells you to.
  • Photographs should always be taken without flash.
  • Inside the cruciform building, auditorium and body room, avoid consuming drinks and/or food.
  • The use of lockers to store all kinds of backpacks, backpacks or bags makes your visit more comfortable and helps protect the collection.


Calle 11 N° 9-73ª – Barrio Belén ? Ibagué, Tolima

The Ibagué Panoptic Museum is located in the center of the city of Ibagué, 400m from the Plaza de Bolívar on Calle 10.

How to arrive

By bus: from Cra 5 route 21, from Cra 6 route 31 and from Av Ambala route 22.

By car: Access by vehicle is through Cra 8 and Calles 9 and 10.